Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kid Attitude T-shirts

As a mom of seven, I can tell you for certain that babies are born bringing their own unique way of dealing with the world. Even before they can talk, kids exude personality. Parents can tell anyone that their little Johnny or Jane is outgoing, shy, loud, pleasant or downright demanding. These adorable baby and toddler t-shirts from Teewit Baby let you share your little one's personality with the world (just in case they haven't noticed on their own.)
I Don't Do Quiet shirt

I Don't Do Quiet by teewitbaby
Definition of Share shirt

Definition of Share by teewitbaby


Want to know what your baby's personality will be like when she is older?

Take the fun quiz at Just Mommies and find out!
Baby personality questions include some of the following:

My baby is fussiest:
When it comes to bath time, my baby:
When my baby gets a new toy, s/he:
If my baby is hungry, s/he will:
When it comes to bedtime, my baby:

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