Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adorable Noah's Ark Kids T-shirts

I get invited to a lot of baby showers. It is always fun to take something a little different than the standard layette sets, bags of diapers or packages of tiny socks. I'm always looking for cute clothing or special gifts I can buy ahead and hang protected in my closet until the next shower date arrives. My husband will ask me what all the baby clothes are doing there (since our youngest is now 12). I remind him that I always try to be prepared with gift items as babies just seem to keep coming to my friends and family members!
For religious friends, I try to find something extra special to reflect their beliefs for their family. What could be cuter than Noah's Ark? All those sweet animals marching two by two or tucked in together on the ark are just the thing for a new baby to wear. Here are some darling examples I found at Cowpie Creek:

Two By Two T-Shirt shirt

Two By Two T-Shirt by CowPieCreek of Union Eight

Noah's Ark T-Shirt shirt

Noah's Ark T-Shirt by CowPieCreek of Union Eight

Here's a really cute Noah's Ark poem for kids:
The day that all the world went dark,
We were safe inside the ark.
And when the land had turned to mud,
Noah saved us from the flood.

Because he'd done as he was told,
We were safe inside the hold.
He led us in just two by two,
Until the ark looked like a zoo.

And now good children everywhere,
We hope that you will always care
For all we creatures great and small,
That Noah saved to see you all.

by by Porter G., Hilda Offen, Pradera, Esme Eve, Alan Jesset, Richard Hooke

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