Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm In Love With These Cool Guy T-shirts

When Christmas shopping time rolls around, it's always my husband that is hardest to buy for. After all, how many ties does a guy need? And I've bought him books for the last three years running. He has every wrench known to mankind.
So when I saw these funny guy shirts I immediately thought Christmas shopping. What man wouldn't love this one?

Atomic Billiards T-Shirt shirt

Atomic Billiards T-Shirt by sagart1952

Or how about this? Couldn't you see your hubby working in the yard in this fun shirt on a Saturday morning while wishing he was out fishing?

Get Reel Fishing T-Shirt shirt

Get Reel Fishing T-Shirt by sagart1952
There plenty more to choose from at SagArt Wild and Wonderful T-shirts.

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